How to customize specifications for private lable toilet paper?

Choose the specifications for your private label toilet paper from a wide range options

Full Customize specifications

The specifications of toilet paper include sheet size, plies and sheets quantity. When you are planing to start your own brand toilet paper, you should know more details about the toilet paper products, because there are many toilet paper brands with different sizes, plies, sheets in the market, I have to say there is no the best specification, the most important factor is better than your competitors.

So, firstly, you’d better check the details of your competitors in your market, write down their specifications, prices and packaging. Secondly, work out your own specifications and send us to get a free quote. Also you can ask our sales team to recommend the popular specifications, we can do a wide range of specications as below list, let’s get started.

Choose Your Sheet Size

The sheet size of toilet paper contains height and width. Normally the height range is from 93 to 115mm, and width is from 100 to 138mm. You can refer to below picture and choose the right size you would like to do.

Popular sheet size


Other Sizes Options

99×100mm(3.92in×3.95in), 95×102mm(3.75in×4in), 97×102mm(3.8in×4in), 89×105mm(3.5in×4.1in), 93×105mm(3.7in×4.1in), 95×115mm(3.75in×4.5in), 104×115mm(4.1in×4.5in), 115×115mm(4.5in×4.5in)
If your sheet size is not in above list, please send to our sales team to get prices.

Choose Your ply & sheets

The plies & sheets are related to thickness and diameter of toilet paper. The 3 ply is thicker than 2 ply, if you have both in hand, absolutely you will prefer 3 ply, but 2 ply is more competitive. So it depends on your target market.

3ply private label toilet paper

Popular ply & sheets

3 ply×200 sheets
3 ply×300 sheets
2 ply×400 sheets
2 ply×500 sheets

Other 3 ply Options

3 ply×150 sheets, 3 ply×160 sheets, 3 ply×180 sheets, 3 ply×210 sheets, 3 ply×240 sheets, 3 ply×250 sheets, 3 ply×360 sheets, 3 ply×380 sheets

Other 2ply Options

2 ply×240 sheets, 2 ply×280 sheets, 2 ply×300 sheets, 2 ply×308 sheets, 2 ply×340 sheets, 2 ply×350 sheets, 2 ply×450 sheets


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