We use 100% bamboo pulp to make all our tissues

The MOQ for private label is one 40ft container quantity. For example,

  • 3 ply x 370 sheets, 100x100mm sheet size, loading quantity is 47,520 rolls
  • 2 ply x 350 sheets, 100x100mm sheet size, loading quantity is 69,120 rolls
  • Bamboo is 30 times faster growing than trees, it can be re-harvested every year, it is a highly sustainable natural renewable resource, while tree will take 30 years to grow up.
  • Bamboo typically produces over 35% more oxygen than trees
  • Bamboo can absorb as much as 12 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per year, making it an important planet stabilizer.
  • Moreover, Bamboo grows without pesticides or irrigation, toilet paper made from bamboo is soft, strong, sustainable & 100% biodegradable
Our factories are in China, one base is in Chongqing city which is an inland container shipping port at Yangtze River, it’s also a railway container port to Europe. The other base is in Ningbo city, which is one of the four biggest seaports in the world. As you known, the shipping cost is different when the containers sent from different port, your toilet paper will be manufactured in the right factory which comes the lowest shipping cost.

Below are the steps to start a successful toilet paper brand from idea to reality.

  • Choose the products you want to sell from toilet paper, paper towel, facial tissue, paper napkin and pocket tissue.
  • Define your target market. who is your ideal customer?
  • Consider your special advantages, for example eco-friendly, platic free, premium quality.
  • Design your special packagings.
  • Confirm the quotes from BUDS
  • Get your branding tissues in your store.

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