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A Trusted Bamboo Toilet Tissue Manufacturer & Supplier in China
Professional in OEM & Private Label Service
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Bamboo Toilet Tissue Manufacturer

As a professional private label tissue manufacturer and supplier in China, we have been in manufacturing bamboo toilet tissue for 20 Years. We offer toilet tissue manufacturing service for 300+ brands all over the world, got continuous trusts and cooperation ship from both new startups and established brands. If you’re ready to start your next project, please contact us today for a quote.

  • 20 years manufacturing experience
  • Manufacturing with 100% bamboo
  • Full customized specifications
  • Full customized packaging
  • Trusted supplier by 300+ brands
  • Competitve prices with premium quality
  • Fast delivery for bulk production
  • Bamboo Toilet Tissue Products

    We manufacture all kinds of toilet tissue made of 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply.

    3 ply toilet paper is the most popular bamboo toilet paper.
    Available with 150-400 sheets
    2 ply toilet paper is standard roll in market
    Available with 200-600 sheets
    4 ply toilet paper has the most thickness.
    Available with 100-300 sheets

    Custom your packaging

    We manufacture all kinds bamboo toilet tissue with various packaging, define your own toilet tissue by working with BUDS

    Why bamboo toilet tissue?

    Bamboo toilet paper is both soft and thick, which gives you the most comfort and all the absorbency you need

    Premium quality

    100% Bamboo, Soft, Strong, Sustainable & 100% Biodegradable

    0% plastic

    Paper Wrapping, Carton even Tapes are all Plastic Free 


    Natural Brown Color without Bleaching Process

    0 harmful addition

    Chlorine Free, Fragrances Free, BPA Free, De-inking Agents Free

    Eco friendly

    Bamboo is 30 Times Faster Growing than Trees, is a highly Sustainable Natural Renewable Resource

    Natural Healthy

    Bamboo grows without pesticides or irrigation

    how toilet tissue manufactured?

    Why us?

    Our power in



    Brands trusted all over the world


    Years focus on private label


    Containers shipped monthly

    We have strict quality control of toilet tissue to ensure our quality, from raw materials to finished production. The raw material we use to produce toilet tissue is 100% virgin bamboo pulp, come with ultra soft, strong, plastic free, tree free, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable We use automatic production lines to manufacture your toilet tissue, with full inspection for each roll, to ensure there is no defective products to be sent to your customers.

    Premium Quality

    Fast Delivery

    Branding designs always spent a long time, to shorten the lead time, we offer free design assistance for your toilet tissue. And we have sufficient materials in stock, as well as sufficient production capacity, to ensure we can delivery fastly. 

    As a private label manufacturer, we offer our customers transparent and comptitive prices, because we only make few manufacturing profit from bulk production, lots profits we leave to your side, your success is our success. 

    Competitive Price

    Make a successful brand of bamboo toilet tissue